18/07/2017 – In Italy, for the first time, we graduate in Videogames and Animation!
Yes, after years of hard work and sacrifice, thanks to VHEI-IUDAV and its partner universities, the first students of the first Italian Triennial Degree course recognized as Videogames and Animation have graduated. All with excellent marks but above all with the satisfaction that for more than half of them there are already consolidated working relationships and valid offers, accomplices, obviously, the wide CVs enriched with all the projects realized in the three years but above all the quarterly internships organized by academy.
In the photos we see them together with the Advanced 3D Graphics  Maurizio Pocci and the VHEI Teaching Manager  Carlo Cuomo who said: “Today I almost cry when I see my students reach this goal, considering that I have been in close contact with them since the beginning: I evaluated them during the interviews, I gave them a course each year and I organized their internships In 2013 all this was just a dream, but today, thanks to the idea and the dedication of our Father Joystick, Don Patrizio and pioneers of the videogame industry like  Riccardo Cangini, to the support of companies and professionals/teachers but above all to the trust of many students and their families, our vision has become concrete and real. We created a unique elite course in Italy, the Study Plan developed by me was the basis of all the three-year Degree courses in the field and we are guaranteeing a high degree of professionalization to all our students, our partners, we created the University of Videogames and Animation and, with the first graduates, let me tell you, we made history “.


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