Global Game Jam @ IUDAV
Global Game Jam @ IUDAV

Global Game Jam @ IUDAV

What is ?

Global Game Jam is the biggest event in the world dedicated to creation of games (more properly referred to as “ game jam “). It is the representation of the idea that, in a world so strongly connected, we can unite, be creative, share experiences and express ourselves in any way by exploiting video games: it is something truly universal.

Global Game Jam encourages people with any kind of skills and specialization to participate and contribute to this global spread of video game development and creativity.


Where and When ?

dove global game jam iudav 
| VHEIVHEI ASI Center – street Melito Iangano Palazzina G.Centro, Solofra (AV)

| Enter open from Friday26 January 2018 at 11:00 am
| Deadline domenica 28 gennaio 2018 at 5.00pm

| During event, structure’s accesses will be close from 12.00pm to 08:00am. However, participants can, if they wish, spend the night inside the venue

Food and drinks are at the expense of the participants. The property is equipped with vending machines for snacks and drinks. There are rotisserie, bars and restaurants in the neighborhood


What will you need ?

cosa serve la global game jam iudav
Laptops, tablets, smartphones and any device is considered useful for game development

| It is advisable to install in advance on the devices all the tools necessary for the development of games (game engines, graphics programs, etc.)

If you intend to spend the night inside the structure, it is strongly recommended to have sleeping bags, pillows, pajamas and toiletries for personal hygiene.


Rule GGJ

regolamento global game jam iudav
All partecipant must beadult.All participants must have with them during the duration of the48 hours, a valid identity document, and show it to the staff assigned in case of express request. The personnel assigned to the control and security of event reserves the right to remove from the venue and therefore to exclude from participation in the Global Game Jam whoever shows any unsuitable behavior, which includes but is not limited to: violent behavior; abuse of legal and non-legal substances; verbal and / or physical harassment; discrimination of any kind; threats or abuses; smoke inside the premises; obscene or harmful acts to the public modesty. By taking part in the Global Game Jam, it rises Global Game Jam Inc., the sponsors of the event and the organizers of any responsibility for damage to persons or property.

In order for the registration to be valid, individual participants must register both using the form below and on the sito globale.
Registration for the Global Game Jam is individual, it is not possible to register as a team. Team building is however permitted and encouraged during the Global Game Jam itself. Anyone who already has a group of people with whom he / she wants to work will not have to do anything else but coordinate to ensure that everyone is registered individually and in good standing within the fixed deadlines. The Global Game Jam isa way to make new experiences and expand your professional and social network. All the participants are invited to collaborate with each other, weave relationships, communicate and experiment with team training not initially planned.


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