The study plan of the Three-year Degree in Digital Arts, Animation and Videogames is highly professional and aims to balance the study of theoretical subjects and practical exercises, with a vertical and horizontal approach: vertical in providing specializations in specific sectors, horizontal in maintaining a multidisciplinary approach that trains future professionals with openness and adaptability. Because the world of videogames development and animation are not compartmentalized, and every professional must be able to dialogue and collaborate with other sectors.

In recent years, the diffusion of personal computers, gaming consoles , tablets and smartphones has developed in parallel with the power of calculation. All this has made possible a large-scale growth in the development of video games in various sectors of visual communication, learning and entertainment. Advertising, cinema, television, video games, interactive installations have, in turn, created a strong demand in the labor market. PhotoshopZBrushMaya3D Studio MaxUnity3DCoronaConstructAdobe AnimatePremiereAfter EffectsAudition are software / / framework languages ​​that are more powerful and known for pre-production, production and post-production of high-level videogames and cartoons.


Corsi, durata e ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)


  • History, introduction and criticism of animation and videogames(4 ECTS/100 ore)
  • Basic computer science (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Screenplay I  (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Character design techniques and storyboards I (10 ECTS/250 hours)
  • Theories and techniques of game design I (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Programming I (10 ECTS/250 hours)
  • Soundtrack and dubbing techniques (6 ECTS/150 hours)


  • Drawing and 2D animation techniques I (12 ECTS/300 hours)
  • English (4 ECTS/100 hours)
  • 3D Grapichs I (12 ECTS/300 hours)
  • Directorial techniques I (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Marketing and communication sociology (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Video editing and compositing (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Theory of intermediateity (4 ECTS/100 hours)
  • Game design theories and techniques II (6 ECTS/150 hours)

  • Screenplay II (4 ECTS/100 hours)
  • Programming II (10 ECTS/250 hours)
  • Game design theories and techniques III (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Economics and Business Management (6 ECTS/150 hours)


  • GUI (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Drawing and 2D animation techniques II(6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • 3D Graphics II (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Advanced 3D Graphics (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Programming III (6 ECTS/150 hours)
  • Advanced Programming (6 ECTS/150 hours)