Valletta Higher Educational Institute – VHEI
It is a company born from the union of the most valuable professionals who have decades of experience in various sectors of animation, videogame, comics and illustration, film and television, marketing and music. VHEI can therefore count among its members experienced illustrators, writers, directors, musicians and marketers and benefits from the experience of the FTZ.


To date, in our country, the project appears quite deficient in the field of video games and animation, illustration of films and television, journalism and energy.

The aim of Valletta Higher Education Institute is to create a high educational profile reality in Malta in order to create a new generation of internationally competitive market professionals. The final purpose is to train operators and bring them in the labour market according to the standards of the leading companies. The training course consists of both theoretical and practical activities by attending lectures, seminars, vertical lectures of members of major industry, laboratories and internships, individual and group exercises in order to develop a highly and professionalizing experience. This experience gives students practical tools to enter the labour market in a short time, and a theoretical cultural background that allows them to be open-minded and not mere operators of the sector. The gained knowledge during the course are applied to the realization of products to put on the market at the end of the course. The prestigious partnerships established also provide an opportunity to live internships experiences in companies of primary importance. At the end of the course, the student obtains an academic degree in Animation and Video Games.

Valletta Higher Education Institute (VHEI) has been accredited as a Higher Education Institution (licence number 2016-020) by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) – Malta.

VHEI offers a Bachelor’s (Honours) degree in Digital Arts, with Master’s Degree in Animation or Video Games, accredited at MQF/EQF Level 6.


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