The new course merging animation and videogames provides the student with a complete preparation for two industries and sectors as equal and opposite as those of cartoons and electronic entertainment.
The course aims to give practical training to students who will learn to use the most popular software in the world of animation and video games. For this reason, the VHEI provides every student with a free laptop for the duration of the course of study and it will limit classes to a maximum of 16 students.
In recent years, the spread of personal computers, game consoles, tablets and smartphones has developed in parallel to computing power. All this has made possible a large-scale growth of game development in various fields of visual communication, learning and entertainment. Interactive advertising, film, television, videogames and interactive installations have, in turn, created a strong demand in the labour market. Photoshop, ZBrush, Maya and 3ds Max are among the most powerful and popular packages of software for pre-production and production of assets for videogames and high-level movies. Similarly, the development of digital technology has brought about changes even to an established market like that of animation, making it necessary for all its production processes to include a computer.
Aware of all this, through its three-year courses the course provider aims to prepare professionals in the sector, who can compete on the national and international market. The course features both theoretical and practical activities in order to grant the students a state-of-the-art, highly professional experience, so that they will possess, by the end of the course, the necessary cultural background and technical knowledge to easily enter the labour market not as mere operators, but as skilled connoisseurs of the various facets characterizing the creative, academic and professional environments of animation and videogames.
The course will provide the students with an extensive historical and cultural approach with the intent of letting them develop a critical vision thanks to the study of works, techniques and authors that had a significant impact on the history of animation and videogames and their market segments.
The course will feature both theoretical and practical approaches, including contact hours, seminars, guest lectures, workshops, individual and group exercises, projects development, viewing movies, gameplay videos, trailers, and meetings with authors and professionals of the two fields, who will share with students their knowledge, case histories and tips on how to successfully enter the labour market. A special focus will be put on meeting and interacting with software houses and development companies. The students will also be engaged with various activities, like participating to game jams, trade shows and conventions.


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